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SHAKA ZULU: The Rise Of The Zulu Empire E.A. Ritter

SHAKA ZULU: The Rise Of The Zulu Empire

E.A. Ritter

Published 1957
383 pages
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 About the Book 

In the years when Napoleon was conquering Europe, there arose in the eastern provinces of South Africa a soldier and politician who in his own world was to be even more famous than Bonaparte.Born in 1787, the illegitimate son of a minor chieftain, Shaka was Branded as a bastard but strove as hard as possible to execute the rigorous duties required of Zulu Youths. Excelling in everything he undertook, he soon proved himself a born leader. Gathering around him, in an area no larger than one tenth the size of Rhode Island, a nucleus of some five hundred untrained tribesmen, he built up an immense army of skilled and highly disciplined warriors. Then in the space of twelve years he proceeded to conquer and pacify a vast territory.Shaka was a man of great physical and mental capabilities. Yet he was also capable of horrible cruelties, although the author here shows that his atrocities have usually been grossly exaggerated.Paradoxically, Shaka considered many of the white mans punishments in-human.At the peak of his carreer, just as he was to launch a program designed to bring his empire the benefits of western civilization, Shaka was assassinated by his jealous brothers. And within fifty years his work was almost completely undone.The violence of his life cannot dim the savage greatness of the man and the King which emanates so strongly from the pages of this book. It is as exciting reading as will be discovered this year, and it gives a remarkable picture of a barbarous civilization as its apogee